CBD Dog Treats for Pain

cbd dog treats for pain

Just like humans, dogs feel pain in their body parts too. For that matter, any animals on the planet feel pain too. Just as we feel the pain searing through our body as we age, dogs feel it too. And for a dog owner, looking at their suffering four-legged friend can be heartbreakingly painful. To make matters worse, dogs can’t even directly communicate their feelings to us. So they suffer emotionally as well!

There has been much research on how to treat dog from the hurtful pains. And they found that CBD oil for pain in dogs as the most effective solution. Yes! CBD does not only works on humanoids but also their furry friends.

You may wonder how to make your pets eat CBD medicines. Well, to make things easier for you, the scientific world has taken a leaf out of the pet food industry’s book. They have created CBD dog treats for pain that is sure to make your job of feeding your doggie with CBD easier.

How is CBD Useful for Dogs?

Before we explore the treats that we can give to our pet in distress, let’s look at how CBD works on dogs. You may even be scared to give your four-legged family member any medicine that has CBD in it fearing it will have a bad effect on your pet. But, you can relax as we will explain why you don’t have to worry about it.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical that is extracted from the cannabis plant. You may think that it is harmful to your pet as it is a psychoactive substance but that is not the case. CBD does not have the high-inducing part called THC. For this reason, instead of inducing any harmful effect, they relax your pet.

A dog’s body, like ours, has an Endocannabinoid System with two receptors. One of the receptors receives CBD and prompts their bodies to recreate more such relaxants and targeting inflammatory and painful parts of the dog’s body. CBD dog treats for pain is not only used to treat hurting areas of a dog’s body but can also be used to heal insomnia, mood swings, and digestive troubles.

Best CBD Dog Treats Available in the Market

When it comes to dog treats containing CBD, many brands have tried to make the products favourable for the pet at the same time maintaining the quality of CBD. But here are a few of the brands that have gone above and beyond in providing the furry pets all around the world, the best products.

Holista Pet

They are the number one brand we can say when it comes to pet treats. They prepare 100% organic and natural CBD treats. They have the highest quality CBD oil in them and are quite affordable. To make the dogs fall in love with the treat, they have added amazing flavours like green apple, cinnamon, peanut butter, blueberries, etc.

Honest Paws

This brand is quickly becoming every pet owner’s favourite. They have a wide range of CBD products like oil, organic eggs, peanut butter etc. that are sure to soothe your pet’s sufferings. All the products contain organic ingredients with high-grade CBD.

King Kanine

Containing natural minerals and Omega-3 oil, along with purest CBD oil, the cookies from this brand are popular among the pet owners. They are cost-effective and comes in 3 types of flavours.

Hempmy Pet

This is a veteran-owned brand that is popular for their effectiveness on pain, arthritis, seizures and anxiety. They are a bit expensive and come in two options – 2mg and 5mg. These treats are delicious and are free of any type of pesticides.

Any pet owner, who’s vet has suggested going for CBD treatment, maybe baffled for a moment. CBD is a new concept to them and they are anxious about giving it to their pet doggo. But since the physician suggested, they are forced to buy CBD oil for pain in dogs. And that is where they make huge mistakes. When you are out buying CBD oil for your pets, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

For instance, you must always buy the CBD oil that contains pure CBD with 0% THC. Always go for some brand that has invested their time and money in doing a great deal of research before producing the products.

Always remember that high-grade CBD oil will never have flavours to give different tastes and preservatives to preserve the oil for a longer duration. When you are out buying Cannabidiol oil, be sure to buy from a brand that has complete transparency in how they manufacture the products.


Nobody likes it when their four-legged, furry family member is suffering from pain and inflammation. They are helpless as they cannot speak and express their emotions. So, we, as per owners, have to take matters in our hands and get them the best CBD dog treats for them.

CBD Dog treats are available in various shapes, sizes and flavours. But the utmost important aspect to take care of is the quality of CBD used in it. Make sure they contain zero levels of THC. Before you try CBD treats on your pet, it is wise to consult a vet to prevent the situation from worsening.

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