CBD Lotion for Pain

cbd lotion for pain

Over the years, the popularity of CBD (cannabidol) continues to snowball. This popularity stems from the fact that it has numerous applications. But then, these applications can be grouped into two: Recreational and medical purposes. While its use for medical purposes has become commonplace in many countries, the legalization of its recreational use remains a controversial subject. This controversy stems from the fact that the byproducts contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Basically, THC is a compound that agitates people when they consume weed. Nevertheless, a need exists to draw the line between the two distinct uses. With that being said, we will dig deep into the subject: CBD lotion for pain. Essentially, this well-researched piece aims to dissect the use of the plant (oil) for medical purposes, thus exploring why the practice still holds sway.

History of the Practice CBD Lotion for Pain

Ideally, this cream, lotion or oil is gotten from hemp, a plant grown as a result of its huge medical and recreational benefits. Although there has been relevant research that shows it has enormous health benefits, the cream also has some aftereffects. Well, if you are experiencing excruciating aches, this cream could be all you need to get some soothing relief. Even before modern researchers launched their investigations into the use of the cream to ameliorate aches, the Chinese used the cream in the past for the same purpose. Consequently, the origin dates back to an ancient Chinese practice of 2900 B.C. According to myths, the oil is capable of easing aches through inflammation reduction. In one journal, researchers corroborated the story, giving the credit to the Chinese. Essentially, when you apply the ointment, Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research 2017 findings noted, it stimulates healthier sleep in people. And this report pointed out that the cream is capable of taking care of insomnia, which is common with people suffering from chronic aches. From the foregoing, the use of topical CBD oil for pain reduction has lived with us from time immemorial.

Further Research into the Practice

More and more people are beginning to use the oil for ache relief purposes. The reason is simply that it has become public knowledge. But there’s another side to it. Proponents of this practice argue that the lotion has proven to be an alternative to treating patients of arthritis and back ache. To stress its importance, relevant findings have been released in recent times to support the age-long practice. These studies aside, in the United States and elsewhere in Europe, there have been series of clinical trials carried out to either support or debunk the practice. In the end, the findings of the test show that the cream can also be used to treat childhood epilepsy. Many internet surfers searching for CBD topical for pain are so far impressed with evidence that buttresses the use of CBD lotion for pain reduction.

How It Works

You see, the human body is made up of endocannabinoid systems (ECS). Basically, the system performs the all-important function of regulating many activities that go on in the body. Some of those frays include ache, sleep, appetite, and a host of others. Given that ECS exists in the body, the human body produces ECS-induced neurotransmitters. These transmitters bind to receptors in the human body. So, the fact that the ointment can reduce chronic ache is as a result of certain processes playing out in the body. When the oil triggers the ECS receptors, this will, in turn, slow down inflammation. Well, the resultant effect will be reduced interaction with neurotransmitters, leading to ache reduction.

Conclusion About CBD Lotion for Pain

In conclusion, researchers have invested significant amount of time, resources and energy to unravel how the lotion can significantly reduce chronic aches in the body. Indeed, their findings have made CBD oil lotion for pain reduction even very interesting. In spite of positive findings, experts continue to research into the practice in order to consolidate the gains that medical sciences have achieved today. The reason is that medical pundits believe that exploring the subject, CBD topical cream for pain, would lead to even more interesting discoveries. On the other hand, as the debate for or against its use for recreational purposes around the world continues to gain traction, we must establish here that the plant has some useful applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Without a shadow of doubt, its efficacy in ache reduction explains why people still use the lotion for ache relief today.