CBD Oil Benefits for Pain

cbd oil benefits for pain

CBD oil is a lotion made from the hemp plant (or weed as it is popularly called). Basically, the oil plays a pivotal role in helping people reduce chronic aches, inflammation and other related ailments. This acronym which means Cannabidiol, CBD lotion doesn’t make people psychoactive or “high” as it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol. Much as medical practitioners have used the plant for medical reasons, the legalization of the recreational remains a big debate around the world. This topic entitled “CBD oil benefits for pain” will dissect how possible that is.

Using Oil to Ease Aches

Indeed, recent studies have shown that benefits of CBD oil for pain is no wishful thinking. As a result, researchers firmly believe that if you are having a chronic ache, you could potentially relieve your ache with the aid of the substance. In addition, they explained the technicality of what transpires when such creams come into contact with the human body. Well, have you ever heard of receptors? If no, just keep in mind that they play a vital role in ache reduction. Essentially, these receptors are chemical structures that are found in the human cells. So, they receive and respond to various stimuli within the human body. The body has two receptors for cannabinoids, CB1 and CB2.

Well, the reaction of these receptors makes the body cells to respond to the stimuli. When the oil is introduced to your body, there is a reaction between the cream and other parts of the body, chiefly the immune system and brain. This reaction culminates in the creation of painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects that users normally experience. This, in turn, gets the patient relieved. Well, many bodies have contributed to these findings, including National Institutes of Health.

Other Health Benefits

Aside using the lotion to ease chronic aches, it has other medical applications. Researchers have discovered that the lotions can be used to manage lots of other ailments. These diseases include:

  • Anxiety and Depressions: These two conditions are capable of ruining people within the twinkling of an eye. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression often leads to disability. On the other hand, people also commit suicide whenever they are depressed. In the as-as pharm industry, there are drugs used to treat the conditions, which have overwhelming aftereffects. However, the plant extract is used to make it safer
  • Cancer: Also, one of the biggest challenges facing medical sciences today is its inability to get permanent cure for cancer. In many cases, depending of the type of cancer, cancer patients merely manage the conditions until they pass away. In one journal, researchers pointed out that the plant extract can significantly reduce cancer spread in the body
  • Epilepsy: Apart from CBD oil benefits for pain, the substance can also be used to contain epilepsy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the substance (Epidiolex) in treating seizures after carrying on series of tests on it in 2018. Similarly, there have been other studies that support this positive use of the substance in this regard
  • Diabetes (Type 1): In a 2016 publication titled Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, the researchers quipped that CBD was capable of slowing down inflammation in the pancreas. Besides this journal, there are other studies that support that fact.   

Side Effects of CBD Oil Benefits for Pain

Amid the benefits of CBD oil for pain, people often wish to find out if the substance has any side effects. Well, medical experts have published relevant journals to enlighten people on the subject. So, just like many prescription drugs, the oil has side effects. These side effects include depression, low blood pressure, nausea, irritability, and insomnia. In comparison with marijuana, the risks associated with using the cream is considerably low. According to medical pundits, there has never been any reported case of CBD overdose, which suggests it should be recommended to patients. One major challenge facing researchers of this subject is that the substance is uncommon as it is highly regulated in many countries.


Obviously, lots of medical experts have launched their research into CBD oil benefits for pain with a view to finding out if it is actually true or a mere wish. In the end, these experts wrote lots of journals to buttress the fact that the oil is capable of getting rid of aches. But then, aside its painkilling efficacy, the substance can also manage and ameliorate other conditions. In addition, we must not fail to mention that the plant extract has some adverse effects. However, the good news is that the side effects are not very serious. Although regulations have hampered research into CBD oil benefits for pain, the world is likely to see more uses of the substance because research into it is still in progress.

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