CBD Oil for Jaw Pain

cbd oil for jaw pain

Pain can really mess a lot of things up. It can mess up your mood to the point that you cause stress to the people around you. It can mess up your focus that you can’t perform your functions at home, at school, or at work. It can mess up your appetite that you can’t enjoy meals with loved ones and friends. It can truly mess up your day. Even so, if the pain has been going on for a while, it can affect your way of life.

Pain killers offer tremendous help in making the pain go away. They’re easily accessible as there are a lot of over-the-counter drugs out there. They can reduce or even eliminate the pain in a matter of seconds. However, what most people don’t realize is that pain killers are dangerous to your liver and other internal organs. For example, Acetaminophen can be toxic when taken at more than 4000-milligrams a day and can result in liver damage, even more, when it’s taken with alcoholic beverages and other drugs with pain-killing contents. NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, have an adverse effect on the prostaglandin pathways that can lead to the forming of ulcers.            

Some need to take painkillers only for a short period of time, which do not necessarily pose health threats. However, some types of pain can persist from weeks to months or even years. One example of this is jaw pain.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is the type of ache that can last from days to weeks, especially if it’s of a chronic origin. It can be caused by various things. One of the most common reasons is TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder, which is a condition that affects the jaw joint and the muscles involved in the movement of your joint. Therefore, for any movements that involves the jaw, like chewing or yawning, may cause a pang to be felt around the ears or near the jawline.

Other reasons include bruxism or teeth grinding, bone infection or osteomyelitis, ligament or joint inflammation, arthritis, diseases of dental origin, tension-type headaches, nerve damage, and vascular or neurovascular pain. The treatment, of course, will depend on the root of the pain. To manage the pain through, painkillers may be recommended, and people may wonder if there’s an alternative. The answer to that is by using CBD oil for jaw pain.

CBD Oil for Jaw Pain

What is CBD oil? CBD oil is a recently found alternative for various types of pain. The use of CBD oil for jaw pain has also started to become popular. It is a Cannabis-based by-product, which means that the oil is produced through extracting from Cannabis herbs, namely marijuana and hemp. Before, this substance is thought to be dangerous, simply because it came from the mentioned plants, and the plants have a reputation to cause psychoactive tendencies to individuals.

It was not until CBD was successfully isolated from another substance, THC, that scientists were able to confirm that it is, in fact, not causing the psychedelic properties of the herbs. On the contrary, it is even blocking the adverse effects. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, and they are both able to bind to the brain receptors to be interpreted by the endocannabinoid system. That system is responsible for regulating the body’s sleep, pain management, and immune-system feedback. This is the reason why CBD is utilized as anxiety, pain, and seizure medication. THC is able to perform a similar function, except that it has a side effect that results in a temporary locomotor, memory, and speech impairment. The former, is therefore more widely produced because it’s safer. It is also more legal as it is federally accepted so long as it obtained from hemp.

Effectiveness of CBD Oil for Jaw Pain

What do studies say about the effectiveness of CBD oil for jaw pain? Currently, there are no direct studies testing this, but there are a ton of anecdotal records that confirm the success of the oil on pain. Also, studies show that CBD has several properties that could effectively reduce pain. For one, CBD is anti-inflammatory, which means that conditions associated with inflammation can be well-managed by CBD. Second, it is anti-bacterial; ergo, bacterial infections can be treated, and in turn, the pain the infection brings about. Third, it is an anti-anxiety treatment, so it can aid with reducing stress and anxiety and, therefore, the pain that goes with them. Finally, it is a brain receptor, and it can help regulate the pain in the body.


The field of medicine is advancing every day. Every day, they try to find ways to create cures that are more natural and have fewer side effects. It is truly amazing that they found CBD oil. Through it, pain can be managed without the danger of organ damage.

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