CBD Patches for Pain

cbd patches for pain

Just before we go into the various kinds of CBD (cannabidol) patches out there, it is critical that you understand what a patch is. So, basically, in this context, a patch is a medical compound that is applied over the skin to enable the user deliver a particular dosage of medicine to their bloodstream through their skin.

This means that when you apply CBD patches over your skin, you are using the medicinal product to relieve your pain. Well, this is quite different from smoking, swallowing or any other means of consuming the plant extract. Essentially, there are many CBD products on the market that you can administer through this method.

Now, the question is: “Why do people prefer to consume the product in patches?” Here’s the answer: This method is preferred because it has a direct impact on the body of the patient, thus relieving the aches within the shortest possible time.

Unlike the pill that you will need to swallow and your body will absorb it through the digestive process, for instance, the transdermal patch directly affects areas of your body that have aches. At this point, we will walk you through some of the CBD patches for pain.

CBD Patches for Pain

Here’s a list of some cannabidol Patches that we have compiled for you:

5. Pure Ratio CBD Tropical Patch: If you need the adhesive that will produce the desired results in record time, then medical pundits strongly recommend this product for you. This compound is safe for consumption, and it is specifically produced for extended wear. With a hypoallergenic patch that weighs 40mg of the plant extract, it satisfies the non-GMO certification.

The uniqueness of this product is the fact that while in use, the adhesive is not absorbed into the bloodstream. When you use it, you can be sure of getting up to 96 hours of ache reduction. On top of that, you are sure to have yourself a product that is fast and effective, thus ensuring that your aches are minimize in no time.

4. Nano 101 CBD Patches: Also, this is another product that many medical experts recommend because it is actually your money’s worth. As a consequence, it made this list of CBD patches for pain. To start with, this is certified organic and free from any forms of pesticide.

With a weight of 120mg of CBD, you can rely on this compound to produce adequate CBD within 8 and 14 hours. Also, this product particularly stands out because it produces faster results than pills and edibles. Consequently, its technology has been patented.

3. VICI Patches: A decade-long research into the hemp industry has given man one of the potent products on the market, VICI Patches. With it, you don’t have to worry about having aches in any part of your body because the product is very effective. With 100mg CBD each, you don’t necessarily need a medical expert’s prescription for it.

Yes, you read it right! Plus, you stand to gain lots of benefits. Some of these gains include avoiding the use of digestive tracts and first pass liver metabolism. This adhesive made our list because it is one of the effective CBD patches for pain relief.

2. Palmetto Harmony Transdermal Patch: This contains a 30mg of CBD extract. When it is applied directly on your skin, you can be sure that you have one of the most potent compounds on your body because it has been time-tested. It neither has adhesive substances or harmful products.

More importantly, it can stay on your skin for 12 hours, and medical experts recommend that it be applied to certain parts of the body. These parts of the body include the wrist, top of your hand, below the armpit, and sides of torso.

1. Mary’s Nutritionals: With this compound on your skin, you have 10mg of hemp extract. Produced to stay on your venous skin area for about half a day, this product is free from latex. What’s more, it is an adhesive that is made of pharmaceutical grade, and it has lots of useful ingredients. Some of these ingredients include acrylic adhesive, sunflower lecithin, and oleic acid.

If you want to go for this product, you can either get it in single patches or in groups of 10, 30, 60, etc. in one packet. Without doubts, it gives you fast, soothing pain relief. Indeed, this is one highly recommended CBD patches for pain relief by medical experts.


Note that there is CBD tincture for pain. However, today, we have dissected another method of consuming the plant extract. Many people prefer going for the cannabidol patch due to its benefits.

Well, these benefits include: It has no added chemicals, provides the goodness of natural plant, gives the right quantity of the medicinal plant extract, is potent and allows the user to sleep up to 96 hours. Therefore, as far as cannabidol patch is concerned, it is a must-try!