Does CBD Help with Pain?

does cbd help with pain

Have you ever been in so much pain that you had to take the strongest painkillers just to find relief? Do you find yourself all worked up of taking medicines that could potentially harm your liver in the future? Have you ever tried all the herbal alternatives, only to find yourself visiting the doctor anyway for consultation? Well, nature has offered an alternative, and it is up to you to take it. However, we know that CBD hasn’t had the best reputation in the past few years because of the legality talks, but this article will offer some clarity as to what CBD is and whether it is an effective curative alternative for pain.

What is CBD?

CBD is a Cannabis-derived substance. It is a contraction of the compound, Cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in Cannabis herbs like marijuana and hemp. Just the mention of these herbs causes alarm and caution to people; this is the reason why its legality is continuously questioned. CBD is found to be a natural brain receptor, which means it is able to effectively trigger a brain response when consumed. Until recently, it is inseparable from THC. This made the development and the medicinal advancement of the compound slow and difficulty. However, in 1942, Dr. Roger Adams accomplished this feat, and he successfully isolated CBD from THC. The pressing question is, does CBD help with pain? Also, for those who prefer CBD’s oil-based form, does CBD oil help with pain? Let’s take a look first at CBD’s sibling.

What is THC?

THC is CBD’s partner in crime, so to speak. As mentioned, these two used to be extracted together until the researchers figured out how to obtain them disjointedly. It stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and they found out that it is the culprit behind Cannabis herbs’ psychedelic tendencies on consumers. CBD is also found to be the protagonist between the two, as it deters THC’s unwanted effects.

Both CBD and THC are harmless at insignificant amounts. However, the counteractive effects manifest when they are taken at high quantities; therefore, it is important that the cultivator obtains them from the right Cannabis herb.

Which of the Cannabis Herbs is Safer?

Both plants are considered safe and useful; however, we have to utilize them with caution. While they are from the same species, they present various differences in terms of their appearance, growth, utilization, and components. Marijuana is distinguishable through its broad and bushy foliage. It prospers in a temperate and close-knit environment. It’s well-known for its recreational and medicinal benefits. Its recreational advantage is mostly because of its high THC content, which can range from 5%-30%. Its CBD content is only trace, with about 0.30%.

Hemp, contrastingly, is composed of scanty and tall leaves. It thrives in hotter temperatures, with each herb situated far from each other. It is surprisingly of numerous uses. It’s leaves and the rest of its parts are used for agriculture, construction, aesthetics, garments, and culinary ventures. Its THC content is inferior to marijuana, with about 0.30%. Its CBD trace is also 0.30%.

The apparent and significant difference between the chemical structure of these two herbs is the reason why a CBD product is only considered legal if it’s procured from hemp. Additionally, CBD is federally accepted for purchase and distribution if it is for curative use.

Does CBD Oil Work with Pain?

Does CBD oil work for pain? In order to answer the question, “does CBD help with pain?”, we must explore first what pain-relieving contents can be found in the compound.

Hemp has various CBD by-products. Among these are cream, concoction, essence, powder, concentrate, pill, or sprayable forms. The most well-renowned form, however, is the oil-based simply because it is easy to apply and consume. Since it’s easily available, there are also more testimonials and anecdotal records about its effectiveness.

One of the most reported uses of CBD oil is for tooth pain. Studies show that it has an antibacterial property, which eliminates the bacteriological cause of most tooth problems, and therefore, causes the discomfort to subside.

Another observed property of CBD is it’s being anti-inflammatory. If the pain is sore induced, then CBD swoops right in and prevents further swelling.

CBD is also tagged as an anti-anxiety medicine. If the pain is stress-induced, then CBD can assist in reducing or eliminating the stress signals, and eventually, the pain.

We also have to remember the fact that CBD, as a cannabinoid, is able to interact with our brain receptors, and when it interacts with our pain receptors, it is able to regulate the pain signals of the body. So, the answer to the question, “Does CBD oil help with pain?” is a resounding yes. The signals provided by a cannabinoid such as CBD is interpreted and translated by the brain through its endocannabinoid system. This system aids in regulating functions that have influence on pain management, like sleep, immune system feedback, and pain tolerance.

Conclusion About CBD Help for Pain

It’s no wonder why CBD has been permitted for consumption and distribution across the States. Its curative benefits are overwhelming, while its side effects are minimal and almost non-existent. As long as it is consumed within the parameters of the law, we may continue to experience the miracle, that is the CBD oil. Does CBD oil work for pain? Absolutely!

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