How Effective is CBD for Pain?

how effective is cbd for pain

You are doing your day to day work of house chores and when you bend down, you suddenly get searing pain in your hips. You try to straighten up and it is more painful. You think that it is temporary and it’ll go away in a day or two. So, you start applying pain relief balm and go about doing your work again.

But, in two days, the pain has not subsided. Instead, it is more and constant. So, you decide to go to a doctor. On your visit, you understand that this is the pain you will have to bear for a long time. The doctor suggests a lot of options to get better but your mind is transfixed at the point that – your hip is never going to be the same again because you have chronic pain.

A lifelong pain in any part of our body is something nobody wants to live with. But, with age, your body ages too and so you will eventually end up with one or the other painful joints. You may wonder what medicine would help you in dealing with this kind of pain. And we have the answer to that. CBD oil is the answer if you want to get relief from the constant pain you are experiencing while bending or doing house chores. In this article, we will see how effective is CBD for pain.

What is CBD?

For the benefit of those who don’t know a thing about CBD, let’s explain exactly what it is.

You must have heard of the family cannabis in the plant kingdom. These are the type of plant that is responsible for making the famous marijuana that gives you the high. Similarly, a plant called hemp has a substance called Cannabidiol also known as CBD.

Although it comes from the same plant as the weed, you will be surprised to know that this medical miracle will not give you the high.

The high-inducing substance is THC. This chemical is known as tetrahydrocannabinol in its chemical form. This particular chemical is completely absent in CBD. For this reason, the medical form of cannabis is not effective if you want to enjoy. Moreover, to get CBD for treatment, you need to get approval from a certified physician and you need to have a medical marijuana Identity card.

Also, you must go through the law that takes care of marijuana usage in your state. You cannot simply go inside a pharmacy and request for CBD. In many states, the usage of medical marijuana is still a crime.

If you do get the approval, you will be able to get CBD in many different forms based on your preferences. You can find it as tinctures, creams, capsules, and spray.

How CBD Works?

Even a minute amount of pain can cause a whole lot of misery in our life. And CBD can give you the relief you want to continue enjoying your life. But, how effective is CBD for pain?

To answer this question, let us start with learning how CBD reacts with our body. When we intake CBD, it immediately prompts our body to produce more cannabinoid. This chemical flows to our brain and changes the way we are feeling and also positively impacts our mood. All these effects bring about the reaction of forgetting the chronic pain we have in parts of our body.

In addition to pain, this miracle medicine can even heal the patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, pain during chemotherapy, anxiety attacks, early stages of Alzheimer’s, and seizures.


It is indeed mesmerizing when we think about how effective is CBD for pain. A substance obtained by a plant can heal years of chronic pain. Although this amazing chemical does not give you the high you want, it will help those poor souls who constantly live in pain.

In addition to pain, it can heal all your inflammation that accompanies arthritis, pain that a cancer patient feels during chemotherapy, anyone who suffer from constant seizures.

However, to reap the benefits of CBD oil, you must follow the laws laid down for the usage of marijuana in your state. Not all of our states have decriminalized marijuana usage. Talk to your physician first and then take the necessary steps.

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