How Much CBD For Pain?

how much cbd for pain

Already, we have discussed that CBD (cannabidol) oil can be used to reduce aches when taken. From research findings, we made it abundantly clear that the history of practice dates way back to ancient China, but still holds sway today. But then, the question remains, what is the right dosage that someone should take to get the best result? Yes, many people often search, “How much CBD for pain?” Perhaps you are perusing this article because you are one of those who are endlessly searching for that answer but do not seem to see the right piece. If you are, we will explain all of that in this all-important guide.

Getting Help

Are you still asking, “How much CBD to take for pain?” Well, it will surprise you to know that there is no fixed dosage. Yes, you read that right! However, there are certain factors that you take into consideration to determine the quantity that works for you. So, we will discuss these factors one after another. But just so don’t jump the gun, there’s something you must do if you are about to take the oil for the first time.

Indeed, we strongly advise that you consult your doctor. This is particularly important because there are certain questions about your body that you may not be able to answer. But the physician is trained in that aspect and can also determine the most appropriate dosage for your body. With that said, we will now look at these factors that affect dosage one after another.

Factors that Affect Dosage

Given that you have read this piece up to this point, you don’t have to keep searching for “How much CBD oil to take for pain?” The reasoning behind this is that we have already answered that question. Going forward, the factors are discussed below.  

  • Concentration: The first factor that you must take cognizance of is the concentration of the cream. Also known as the strength of CBD, concentration is measured in milligrams (mg). Simply put, it is the amount of the oil per serving. Is that difficult for you to comprehend? If yes, we will break it down for you. Say a product tincture is 1000mg conc. and contains 20mL. On the other hand, there is a standard serving quantity of 1mL, this technically means that 1mL serving has 50mg of the product. That’s simply how it is calculated.
  • Desired results: Concentration aside, the result that you desire is also important. We are sure that patient takes this medicinal product to achieve certain results. Well, in this context, the ultimate goal is to relieve aches. Therefore, the dosage that you will consume will depend on how excruciating or otherwise the ache is. Remember the common rule of direct proportion, it applies here. This means that if you go through more painful experience or chronic ache, then you will require more doses. However, if the ache isn’t serious, then you just need a little of it.  
  • Body weight: Do you know your weight? If no, we advise that you make effort to know your weight henceforth. Just like the previous rule that we mentioned, if you are a skinny person, you don’t need plenty of CBD. On the other hand, if you are fat, you will need plenty of the product.
  • Tolerance: Lastly, chances are that you may develop tolerance as you continue to consume the medical product over a period of time. This holds true if you always take a particular dosage, which is very normal for everyone. When you see this playing out, we strongly recommend that you increase your dosage. That’s the simple precept for this.


Did you search: “How much CBD should I take for pain?” If yes, we firmly believe that you already know the answer to that question. But then, we guess that this is your first time taking this medicinal product since you are still doing an online search. So, you should consult your doctor. With that said, you know now that how much CBD for pain depends largely on a number of factors – the same factors that we have brought into perspective above.

With respect to dosage, it is always explained on the leaflet attached to the product bottle. While it many people don’t read instructions before taking certain medicinal products, we encourage you to go through the instructions. More importantly, you should be mindful of when to step the dosage as explained in this piece early. In truth, CBD helps to relieve your body of chronic aches, so you should give it a try today.  

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