Is CBD Oil Legal in TN (Tennessee)?

is cbd oil legal in tn

Is CBD oil legal in TN? To answer that question, CBD must be defined first. CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it is, in fact, related to Cannabis or Marijuana (MJ) or Hemp.  There has been some misperception about these three, and this made it difficult to for lawmakers to determine whether these substances can be legalized or not. Therefore, it is vital that the discernment between them is understood before CBD is even explained.

Taxonomically, Cannabis is a higher in the hierarchy, as it is the name of a plant genus. Both hemp and marijuana fall into said genus and under the Cannabis sativa species but are of separate varieties. This genetic difference is the cause of their variance in terms of appearance, cultivation methods, use, and chemical structure. For one, hemp can grow at a bigger height. This herb produces leaner and fewer leaves. Contrastingly, MJ plants grow shorter. They also have more profuse leaves, which make them thick-looking.

In terms of farming, the former will require to be grown in a large space but in a closely-knit set-up.  The temperatures can vary; the growth length can be from 108 days to 120 days. The latter is cultivated in a much-controlled space, with each plant more distanced from each other, under humid and warm temperatures from 60 to 90 days.

Hemp Usage

Their usage is also surprisingly different. Hemp is mostly for manufacturing; it can be consumed as human or animal food. It can also be used as a body oil or moisturizer. It is also a component of some apparel, plastic, paper, construction materials, and may be used to produce biofuels. MJ is used mainly for medicine and recreation.

Their chemical make-up also makes them unique from each other. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC was discovered to be the cause of the herbs’ psychological effects. Hemp has THC content of about 0.3% or less; MJ’s can go from 5% to about 30%, which makes its intake cause psychoactivity.

CBD Legality in Tennessee

Is CBD legal in Tennessee? CBD and CBD oils can be abstracted from both herbs. What renders CBD distinct from THC is that it does not result to psycho-activity. Though, these two substances can be extracted at the same time, which makes the method dangerous if not regulated. Because of the THC component, oil extraction is regulated to ensure that it is only abstracted within permitted amounts.

So, is CBD oil legal in TN? Furthermore, is CBD oil legal in Tennessee? The answer is yes, but there are specific rules for its use and production. In 2014, the state’s first CBD-focused law, SB 2531, was put into place. Then, TN had set specific rules on its study and cultivation.

Fast forward to 2018, TN decided to allow CBD, only if it is obtained from hemp and not derived from marijuana, to ensure that the THC content is minimal. Medically, CBD may be given to people suffering from intransigent epilepsy if it holds only very minimal quantities of THC. Additionally, it delivers that a fine line between these two substances is drawn, stating that hemp is not equivalent to marijuana if it is either collected by a licensed hemp grower or acquired according to department regulations.

In summary, CBD oils are not prohibited in TN. Though, it must follow that the oil is hemp-derived only.

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