Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

is cbd oil legal in virginia

Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia? To answer whether CBD oil is legal in Virginia, CBD must first be defined. What is CBD, and how can it be used? CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol. One can easily guess that it is a substance derived for Cannabis, an herb, that is often involved in legality issues due to its impact on the user. A Cannabis herb, like hemp or marijuana, contain both THC and CBD; these substances have become the basis of determining which can be legalized and which can be banned. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC can trigger a psychoactive tendency on individuals when ingested or consumed at certain amounts.

Though, it also has a medicinal benefit for those who are suffering from painful illnesses as it by providing temporary relief from the pain. CBD is mostly acquired for industrial use. Both CBD and THC-based oils were also made known to help individuals experiencing seizures or have attention deficit disorders. Therefore, countries and states find it difficult to fully ban the product. Instead, they would usually only allow a certain percentage and would set a limit to ensure that it is not abused, nor will it cause harm.

Is CBD legal in Virginia? Is CBD oil legal in VA? It’s hard to tell, especially when it is widely used and marketed across the state. In fact, one can find it in their neighboring grocery store or in the gas stations with no hassle.

CBD Oil Legality in Virginia

Is CBD oil legal in Virginia? It must not be good news, but Cannabis is illegal in Virginia. Cannabis-based substances, however, may actually be allowed legally depending on their purpose. Recent laws have also allowed growing of hemp herbs, and this industry is growing especially when Virginia Tech has found that its seeds, fiber, and flowers can be accustomed for varied reasons. The seed produce is obtained for aesthetic purposes and even for animal feeds. The fiber is rummaged for cloth, paper, and other construction-related products. The flower, specifically, is a major source of CBD.  

Approval was also given by the Board of Pharmacists to pharmaceutical firms to operate five drugstores and sell CBD and THC-oil based produce to individuals if the individual has appropriate certification. Certification of such products can be performed by doctors and nurse practitioners to authorized medically-challenged individuals to purchase and use them. Just recently, patients were also allowed to designate another individual to pick up products containing said substances on their behalf. Students may also be permitted to use said products, so long as their parents will provide written consent, together with the notes from the medical prescriptioner, and the certification by the pharmaceutical issuer of the product.

CBD Oil From Hemp

In terms of the limit, THC and CBD oils from hemp are lawful on a federal level, but the allowable THC amount is only from 5-10 milligrams. THC-allowed percentage is up to 5% and CBD up to 15%.

The statement, “CBD oil legal in Virginia” is only applicable for individuals with valid medical need. Truly, it has been helping people with sleep troubles, epilepsy, and other medical conditions, but the regulation in terms of their use is yet to be polished. Therefore, it is better to exercise caution and have appropriate permits before purchasing them.

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